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rescue cat

The 6 Best Places to Find Rescue Cats and Dogs

Each year millions of people go in search of getting a new dog or cat. Do you go with a breeder or do you go to rescue? What should you do? What is right for the dog or cat?

The Top 10 Signs You Like Dogs More Than People

We love our dogs. It is a special relationship we share with them that is unlike any other in our lives. With good friends we share our company, but with our dogs we share our solitude— and that is an unspoken, steady bond. Many of us might even choose a quiet night in with our dogs over a night out with friends because— let’s face it— many of us prefer dogs to people. And here are 10 signs that prove it.
health benefits of a dog

The Hidden Health Benefits Of Owning A Happy Dog

Most of us dog lovers could go on for hours about the benefits of owning a dog - that includes that it makes you healthier, and can help you live longer. 

Why You Should Jump on the Pet Insurance Train 

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. Pet insurance allows you to pick a plan based on your pet’s needs and budget. 
senior dog 2

The 4 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Every day, thousands of older dogs are placed in shelters. They are abandoned and in particular senior dogs can have trouble finding a home.
home remedies for dogs

The 4 Home Remedies To Heal Your Pup’s Minor Ailments

Sometimes in life we decide to use many of the home remedies that we have in the house. Well that approach can work for our dogs also.
Rescue A Dog From A Shelter

3 Key Factors In Picking A Rescue Dog At The Local Shelter

When you are looking for the perfect new pet to enter your home, there are three things you should consider when visiting the local shelter.
dog workout partner

The Pawsome Guide On Getting Active With Your Healthy Pup

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Working out with an exercise buddy makes getting active fun and easy to stay committed. It’s double the fun when that partner is your pup.

How To Choose A Healthy Food For Your Family Dog

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Shopping for the right foods to promote a healthy lifestyle is hard enough for you. So how do you go about selecting the right dog food for your beloved pet?
dog treat

The Important Factors When Considering A Dog Treat

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There are various kinds of dog treats. The important factors when considering a dog treat are: exercise, texture (hard or soft), other intended uses and food quality.