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How To Create The Best Diet For Your Dog

Similar to people, dogs have unique nutritional needs. Portions, quality, freshness and specific dog breeds play very important factors in matching the diet to the dog. We all want the best daily diet to maintain weight and a long lasting, healthy lifestyle in our pups. Here are the three most important factors so consider when selecting a dog food. Signing up for a fresh, wholesome and human-grade dog food is always the best way to go. 

 1. Pay attention to your dog’s size: 

  • Every dog is unique. Are they a large or a small breed? Smaller dogs should avoid large food pellets that may hurt their teeth or get caught in their throat. Large dogs should avoid excessive protein in their diets. Excessive protein in a large breed can speed up their growth which can be very bad for them. Do you have a high energy or low energy dog? You will need to feed dogs with high energy extra calories while feeding low energy dogs with less calories, or risk your pup being overweight or underweight.

 2. Pay very close attention to dog food labels

  • Avoid fillers such as corn, rice, potatoes or wheat. These add bulk to food and contain very little nutritional value. Make sure the calories are listed on your dog’s food so you know how much to feed him to maintain his weight. Did you know that dog food is very lightly regulated? Make sure you stick with a trusted brand and go for human-graded dog food. This kind of dog food has greater oversight and is many times healthier.

 3. Observe your dog’s reaction: 

  • If your pup has been fed a cheap brand of dog food before, they may react to adversely to a higher quality brand at first. Don’t let this discourage you. Observe and take note of how your dog reacts to the newer, higher quality food you give him. Remember to slowly introduce the new food and phase out the old food to avoid dog upset stomach problems. If you notice a healthy stool, glossier fur coat and increased healthier energy levels, then you’ve selected the right food for your canine.

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