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Keeping Your Dog in Optimal Health

The life of a dog consists of long walks, squeaky toys and hopefully a few daily belly rubs. As a pet owner, it’s your job to make sure that your pup is not only mentally stimulated but that he achieves and maintains optimal health. In addition to feeding your dog healthy dog food, it’s important to actively monitor other facets of your dog’s heath. Here are five quick and easy items to focus on to keep your dog in optimal health. 

Actively Monitor Weight.

Weight gain can lead to substantial health problems such as heart and joint issues for your dog. Especially for smaller framed dogs, even the slightest weight gain can be detrimental. Human-grade dog food  is a great option to ensure that your dog is getting proper vitamins without packing on the pounds. 

Exercise is Paramount.

Exercise is one of the most important facets of your pup’s health. Even with a healthy diet, if your pup isn’t getting adequate exercise it can lead to weight gain. Make sure to schedule regular walks (long and short) in additional to regularly scheduled socializing time off leash so your pup can romp with other dogs, which is some of the best exercise. 

No More Fleas & Ticks.

Ticks, heartworms and fleas are unfortunately common issues found in dogs. Take preventative measures to keep your pup flea, tick and heartworm-free. Speak with your veterinarian for the best options for your pup. 

Brush Teeth Regularly (Even Daily).

Good dental hygiene plays an important role in your dog’s health. Be sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, even daily, and inspect their gums regular as a bad tooth or gum disease can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Speak to your vet for proper brushing techniques. Carrots are a great snack for dog’s that also strengthens teeth as well. 

Visit the Vet Regularly.

Just like you need get an annual physical, so does your dog. Schedule annual physicals for your dog with your vet to make sure any potential issues are caught early to keep your dog in optimal health. 

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