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3 Amazing Benefits Of Microchipping Your Pet

Many pet parents prioritize getting their dog microchipped. According to statistics, one in three pets become lost at some point in their lives, and that is a risk you don’t want to take. Here are our Top 3 reasons to get your pet microchipped.

1. Scans Save Lives
When your dog gets lost, it can become frightened, causing it to dash into dangerous, unfamiliar territories. This often means that ID tags fall off in the chaos.

If someone finds your dog, and they bring them to a shelter or vet, a simple scan of their chip gives vital information: the dog’s name, your name, address and phone number, as well as other crucial info.
Without a chip, if their ID collar is lost, it can become near-impossible for rescuers to identify your pup.

2. If Stolen, Chips are Key
It’s a brutal thought, but the reality is that dogs do get snatched off the streets, outside of stores and cafes, and right out of your yard.
Thieves remove collars, but they rarely remove microchips. It’s something that must be done with the help of a vet.
The chip doesn’t help them escape, or be discovered, but if they should happento break free, or you find out who stole them, and need to prove that it’s your dog, the microchip will save their life. The news is lousy with stories of pet abductions, and owners having a hard time proving ownership. The law is not on our side in most areas, so make sure you have irrefutable, digital proof should disaster strike.

3. Easy Entry
Did you know that some doggie-door manufactures now offer doggie-doors that can recognize your pet’s chip, and open only for them? This keeps wildlife out of your home while allowing your dog easy access.

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How to Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Microchipping
The major flaw in chips is that they are dependent on your buddy being found in order to be identified. Stories about dogs and cats disappearing for years, only to be found and returned to their owners is heartwarming, but why not cut out the years of trauma for your family and your pets?

Use your microchip in conjunction with your Pawsome Pet Insurance and Pawsome App. Pawsome Pet Insurance covers your pet for all accidents and injuries, plus allows you to have all of your medical data in one place. This is very helpful to share with our community as a means to notify people of your lost pet.

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