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Pet insurance is a must for puppies

Pet Insurance: 3 Things to Look for in a Plan

Feeling overwhelmed shopping for pet insurance? With so many plans now available, you might wonder: How much should I be paying? What type of coverage you should I be looking for? Which companies do I trust? Do I even need pet insurance at all? If that’s you, here are three things we recommend you look for as you shop for the right plan.

1. Coverage
First, get clear about your pet’s needs. Do they have a chronic condition? Will they need prescribed medications? Do you have a young pet and want to focus on preventative care, i.e., vaccinations, heartworm prevention and wellness exams? Do you just want insurance against accidents, or accidents and illnesses? Spend efficiently by searching for customizable options that allow you to build a plan unique to your pet’s needs.

2.  The Price is Right
You’re trying to avoid costly vet expenses, both expected and unexpected, but you don’t want to break the bank paying a premium for insurance either. Take some time to sit down and figure out how often your pet might visit the vet’s office over the course of a year. Then calculate how much you would expect to spend, based off of veterinary costs in your area, and compare that to the yearly cost of an insurance plan.

You don’t need to spend a fortune – the average monthly cost of accident-only and accident & illness pet insurance ranged anywhere from $10.51 to $48.78 in 2019, depending on the type of pet being covered (North American Pet Health Insurance Association). Be realistic about the amount of medical attention your pet will need, and make sure to keep routine visits, vaccinations, prescriptions, unexpected hospitalizations, and wellness checks in mind! Pawsome’s pet insurance premiums start at $10 and $25 and allow you to build from there.

3. Reputation
There are so many companies today offering pet insurance. Get familiar with the company, their values, and their past and present customers. Explore their website. Look for reviews from third parties. Are they trusted and reliable? Do they collaborate with veterinarians? Does the provider focus solely on pets? Are their reviews stellar? Make things easier for yourself by choosing a provider with a reputation for excellent customer service, user friendly systems and quick turnaround time.

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