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The Benefits of Dog Massage Therapy

Massages are healthy for both canines and humans. Not only do they feel great, there are excellent health benefits associated with them. Some of the overall benefits to your pup include:

  • Helps open blood vessels and improved circulation
  • Reduction in stress
  • Strengthens the pup / human bond
  • Discover potential abnormalities in your pup

It’s best to start this at a young age so they get comfortable having their body touched. Here is the best, most common areas to massage your pup:

Ears – Your pup’s ears reflect their overall well-being. Massaging the ear and ear flap will relax them.

Head – Massaging a dog’s head will continue to relax them. Pay close attention to the temples and areas above the eyes. Make sure to be gentle with pressure points around the eyes that can be associated with the stomach, bladder and gallbladder.

Back –  Massage both sides of the spine and along the torso to relieve stomach pains and symptoms associated with stomach illnesses and vomiting. Remember to keep your hand gentle and firm. Try alternating between massaging the muscles and lightly scratching the firm going against the direction of fur growth.

Stomach – For many dogs, this is their favorite area and they will offer it up to anyone who seems interested in giving a massage. Rub anywhere on the tummy to evoke delight.

Legs & Elbows – Often a neglected area, massage the crease behind their elbow to cope with infections and allergies.

Back Toes – Many believe that energy pathways start and end at your dog’s toes. Massage the entire foot or go toe by toe. If the paw pads are feeling a little rough, rub some coconut oil to bring back moisture.

Remember to always listen to your dog’s body language so that he can signal if you’re pressing too hard and making it uncomfortable.

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