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Why Walking Your Dog Is Great for Their Health and Yours

Based on research from our friends at the University of Missouri, we now know dog owner’s live longer!

In their study, researchers conducted surveys and tests on people over the age of 60 and compared the difference between the people who owned a dog and those that didn’t.

There are many reasons that this could be the case. We are happier as we have our fur-babies with us. We are loved by them so much and that gives our lives a purpose. But these are our theories, this is science.

Research shows that an elderly dog owner who enjoys longs walks with their pup tends to have a lower body mass index. For many elderly people this is the best and most sustained daily exercise that they have. Coupling that with the great companionship, can lead to better overall health and less visits to the doctor. A few other health benefits from walking your pooch can benefit you as well.

1). Improved mental health

2). Increased physical fitness

3). Improved sleep

4). Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

They also emphasize the benefits of the social interactions that occur from bonding with our pet and also when we get to interact with other people when we are out walking.

So there you have it dog lovers, keep your pup close and encourage your dear friends to get a pup also. The exercise, social interactions and the love of a good dog and extend our lives and also extend theirs. It’s a win-win for dogs and dog owners.

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