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The Important Factors When Considering A Dog Treat

There are various kinds of dog treats with many different properties. Research has shown that dogs respond differently to each treat they are given. The four most important factors when considering a dog treat are: exercise, texture (hard or soft), other intended uses and food quality

  1. Exercise Treats – Most dog owners make their first dog treat purchase for the purpose of training their dogs. Treats are an appropriate method to train your pup but it’s important to buy the right type. Training treats should be small and low calorie so as to avoid weight gain. If they are too large then several afternoons spent teaching your dog to sit, roll-over and stay may result in packing on unwanted weight. They should also be easily consumable within 3-5 seconds so your dog’s attention is focused on the task at hand.
  2. Hard and soft treats – Hard treats are great for teething puppies and middle aged dogs. Pets find them stimulating and enjoyable because it exercises their jaw muscles and makes crunchy sounds when chewed. Soft treats are more appropriate for older dogs or those with sensitive teeth. It’s important to avoid hard treats for older dogs because like humans, teeth become more brittle with age. 
  3. Other intended uses – There are many different uses for dog treats beyond training. Treats with calories labeled are important for weight-loss. Bone treats are hard, requiring lots of chewing and are fantastic for keeping your dog occupied while guests are over or if you need him to stay put for a while. Quality and ingredients are important for keeping dogs healthy.
  4. Treat Quality – Don’t forget to choose human-grade dog food and treats. Human-grade dog food is more regulated and held to higher standards which will ensure good health in your canine. 

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