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How To Choose A Healthy Food For Your Family Dog

One trip to the supermarket cereal section will show you how many choices we have when it comes to brands and nutrition. Leading brand, off brand, high fiber, low fat, gluten free, low calorie, low carb, high protein, non-msg, soy free, raw ingredients, organic, peanut free; the decisions are endless. Shopping for the right foods to promote a healthy lifestyle is hard enough for you and the family. So how do you go about selecting the right dog food for the beloved family pet?

Here are the 3 qualities you should look for in ideal dog food

  1. Grain Free: Dogs have little to no support in their digestive systems for breaking down and absorbing complex carbohydrates and grains, except for rice. Difficult-to-digest fibers and grains cause gas and over an extended period, this has the possibility to damage the lining of the digestive system, resulting in some nasty side effects. Choose grain-free dog food and snacks whenever possible.
  2. Non-soy: Numerous studies have shown that soy has potentially many harmful side effects, especially in pets. Soy in the United States has been shown to have an abnormally high level of metals. There is also evidence that soy could lead to issues and disorders in the metabolism, digestive system, problems with gastric distress; the list goes on. Definitely avoid soy in your dog’s diet. 
  3. Avoid hormones, steroids and artificial ingredients: Animal feed is not nearly as regulated as human based foods. Be sure to look for labels and disclaimers that no hormones or steroids were used to feed the animals that make up your dog’s treats. ‘Grass fed’ labels are a good sign that the meat your dog is consuming through the treat came from a healthier source than if it didn’t. Also, look for labels mentioning that no artificial ingredients or preservatives were used either. The consequences of your pet consuming any of these bad ingredients are too numerous to list here; however, that makes them no less dangerous. Play it safe and make sure your pet’s foods and snacks have all the right labels. 

Hunting through the supermarket shelves for: grain-free, non-soy, no hormones & artificial ingredients added, grass-fed meat, based dog treats and food can be quite the challenge. Many owners who keep health a top priority for their dog opt-in for ordering healthy dog food online and subscription based services to keep their canines healthy.

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