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The Pawsome Guide On Getting Active With Your Healthy Pup

Working out with an exercise buddy makes getting active fun, challenging, and easy to stay committed. However, it’s double the fun when that partner is your pup. In addition to providing your dog healthy dog food, it’s important to make sure they get adequate exercise to keep their muscles and joints strong. As the temperatures begin to defrost and as the weather begins to warm up, it’s a great time to kick off working out with your dog.   We’ve gathered up the best fitness activities for you and your canine friends to reinvigorate your daily walk.

Take a Swim.

Swimming is a great way to burn calories for both dogs and humans alike. It’s gentle on joints (an added benefit for senior dogs) and is a great low-impact activity. Before your pup’s first time swimming, test out the waters with your pup before plunging in too deep. Most dogs find swimming to come very naturally but make sure to take it slow and keep it to waist high water in case you need to help your four-legged friend. 

Throw the Frisbee.

Playing Frisbee doesn’t just get Fido fit but gets you moving too. Give your pup a treat to reward him retrieving and returning the Frisbee to you to make it extra exciting. 

Go on a Hike. 

Hiking revs up a low-impact walk with terrain changes and inclines. It also keeps the mind mentally stimulated to keep the hike fun and engaging. 

Be Agile. 

While it can seem initially intimidating, agility training is a great way to improve your pup’s coordination and speed while simultaneously getting a workout running beside them! 

Play Tug-of-War

This will easily become one of your pup’s most thrilling exercises but will also give you a great core workout. You will both burn calories as you struggle to hang on to your end of the rope! In addition to an adequate amount of exercise that is mentally engaging, make sure you are feeding your pup a nutritious diet of human-grade dog food  to keep Fido in tip top shape.

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