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5 Boredom-Busters For You And Your Pet

Feeling cooped up and bored? Your pet might bee feeling it, too. But don’t worry! Having fun is easy when you have a furry friend by your side, and this list will make it even easier to get inspired. Check out these five boredom-busters, then get playing!

1. Paint a picture

You might’ve seen this genius idea on Tiktok. Simply drizzle different colored paints onto a canvas and place the canvas in a large, zipper plastic bag. Then, spread peanut butter on the outside of the bag and let your dog or cat go to town, spreading the paint at the same time. Voila! Your pet is happy, and you have a new piece of art to hang on your wall!

2.  Make Homemade Treats

Or even a homemade dinner! There are loads of recipes to be found online for pet treats and meals. Search out one that will cooperate with your pet’s tummy, and get cooking! Here is a fun list of dog treat recipes to get started.

3. Teach Them A Trick

Tricks are great boredom-busters, because they take a lot of mental engagement from both you and your bet. Search YouTube for trick inspiration, and have treats on hand for when your pet does well.

4. Go For a Walk or Play

This one is a given, and you should be doing it daily, but if you have a dog, this is your reminder to take them for a walk. Really, nothing beats getting some fresh air and getting the blood pumping. A nice walk can help break up the day and give you and your dog (or cat) some healthy exercise. If your pet prefers to stay indoors, set aside some time to play. Check out this guide to upgrade your playtime game. Your pet will thank you for the undivided attention.

5. Film a Video

Has your dog always wanted to star in a music video? Does your cat have a crazy morning routine that needs to be shared? Do you and your lizard have so many selfies you could make a slideshow out of them? Get creative! And don’t forget to send your creation to your friends. We all need more animal videos on our life!

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